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Welcome to Concord Plastic Technology Co., Ltd



Passed ISO9001 international quality system certification

JingJiang  Concord Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.

JingJiang Concord Plastic Technology Co., Ltd established in 2008, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in developing, producing and selling plastic additives. Our company is also a member unit of Plastic Additive Committee and Heat Stabilizer Committee under China Plastics Processing Industry Association. 


 By the management concept of “Innovation, integrity, efficiency and harmony”, the Company creats brand name “Kang Gao Te”, which means “consistent quality, best service and faithful business”, and earns wide supports from a large number of well-known customers in this field. So far, our products take high shares in plastic additive markets in china.

Our company is a company with the most complete product varieties in the industry, which has such pvc plastic additives with 8 series, 68types in total as Ca&Zn compound heat stabilizer, lubricants, pvc toughening agent. And Hydrotalcite series are innovated by our company, completely conform to ROHS decree of European -Union.




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